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RELiANCE Investing, Inc. Privacy Policy 2015
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An important part of the relationship we have with our clients is the information you share with us. Protecting your privacy is important to us and we want you to know how we treat your nonpublic personal information.Pursuant to Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) Regulation S-P (17 CFR 248.1 – 248.30), this document explains the Privacy Policy of RELiANCE Investing, Inc. (RELiANCE Investing) concerning the privacy interests of our clients. As an Investment Advisor, RELiANCE Investing’s principal business is to provide Investment Management services to investors. The policy of RELiANCE Investing is to protect the confidentiality, integrity and security of any nonpublic personal information of its clients and prospective clients, and to prevent unauthorized access to, or the use or disclosure of such information. In its capacity as an investment adviser, investment manager, and in conducting its advisory business, RELiANCE Investing receives and/or comes into contact with certain nonpublic personal information concerning its current and/or former customers. RELiANCE Investing receives and/or comes into contact with the nonpublic personal information only for purposes of conducting its business as described above. Any and all such nonpublic personal information is hereinafter referred to as “nonpublic personal information.” For convenience, “you” or “your” refers to any client(s) described above and "we," "our" and "us" refers to RELiANCE Investing throughout this document. Our Commitment to You
We are committed to safeguarding the use of your nonpublic personal information. We protect the security and confidentiality of the nonpublic personal information we have collected, and make efforts to ensure that such information is used for proper business purposes in connection with the management or servicing of your account. Our relationship with you is our most important asset. We understand that you have entrusted us with your nonpublic personal information, and we do everything we can to maintain that trust. We do not sell your personal information to anyone. Nor do we provide such information to others except for discrete and proper business purposes, in connection with the servicing and management of your account as discussed below.
Details of our approach to privacy and how your nonpublic personal information is collected and used are set forth in this Privacy Policy. Definitions Affiliates Companies related by common ownership or control. They can be financial and non-financial companies. We do not have any affiliates. Non-Affiliates Companies not related by common ownership or control. They can be financial and non-financial companies. We do not share your nonpublic personal information with non-affiliates except as describe in this notice. Joint Marketing A formal agreement between non-affiliated financial companies that together market financial products or services to you.
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